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Short film, 2019

Written by Antero Jokinen and Nalle Sjöblad.



Is there no end to these stairs?


Unlike my career.

Starring Martti Suosalo and Iida Kuningas, Set design by Santtu Toivola, Costume design and makeup design by Kaisa Pohjola, Sound design by Akseli Soini, Composer Marko Nyberg, Cinematographer Daniel Lindholm, Editor Aleksi Raij, Visual effects by Henri Pulla, Line producer Tuula Nikkola, Produced by Jani Pösö and Teemu Nikki, Written by Antero Jokinen and Antero Jokinen, Directed by Nalle Sjöblad. @ It's Alive Films 2019.  

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Poster and title design by Antero Jokinen  

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